Welcome to the Sigmie Application API host documentation. This guide provides detailed instructions on how to access the Sigmie Application API. It also outlines the high availability setup to ensure improved reliability of the API.

Host Details

You can access the Sigmie Application API by using the host address provided below:


The host address {application-id} is the primary endpoint for accessing the Sigmie Application API. It is designed to function optimally under most circumstances.

High Availability Setup

To enhance the reliability and ensure high availability of the Sigmie Application API, we advise implementing a retry strategy. This strategy comes into play if there are any issues with the primary host, prompting a switch to alternative fallback hosts.

The following are the fallback hosts that should be utilized in such scenarios:


These fallback hosts are hosted on a different DNS provider to increase reliability and ensure redundancy.

Retry Strategy and Load Balancing

To ensure a balanced distribution of requests across clients and prevent overloading a single fallback host, we recommend randomizing the order of the fallback hosts list. This technique, known as shuffling, helps distribute the workload evenly across all available hosts.

The Official Sigmie API Clients come with this shuffling mechanism and retry strategy built-in, providing optimal load distribution and high service availability.

Usage Recommendation

For high availability and reliability, it's crucial to implement the retry strategy for all API calls. By utilizing the fallback hosts and shuffling the host list, your application can smoothly transition to an alternative host if issues arise with the primary host.

Adhering to these guidelines will ensure a reliable and robust integration with the Sigmie Application API, offering a high level of availability to your users.

All our language SDKs are pre-equipped with the Round-n-Robin retry strategy for the fallback hosts.